Newly Infrared Rejection EVA Film Developed Independently by Oster

In September, 2018, Oster has luanched a newly developed product PVR.

PVR , an environmental-friendly thermal

Main features of PVR:

1. Excellent characteristics

As a an environmental-friendly thermal bonding adhesive, it not only share the same characteristics as Q1X(European standard clear EVA Film from Oster Film),but also has a strong competitiveness of over 85% infrared rejection rate in home and aboard which can used as a functional safety glass for top grade hotels and residences.

2. Energy conservation

The high light transmittance and infrared rejection can help to reject heat entering into the room in summer and keep the house warming in winter which has greatly save the energy in the room.

3. Easy to operate

Like other EVA films, it is easy to operate with simple procession technology and higher production efficiency.

4. High competitiveness in lamination glass market

As a new functional EVA film which independently developed by Shenzhen Oster Film New Materials Co., Ltd, PVR enjoys the most competitive power in laminating glass market. As the first EVA film  with such a high infrared rejections, the excellent performance and competitive prices can help to build your glass quality and win a competitiveness in the market.